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Investment holding company providing advisory and management for the financial services, fintech and telecoms sectors

Favour Ocean's experience comes from managing a portfolio of customer care centers, working at the forefront of providing complex data
and business support services

Key information

Favour Ocean Ltd.'s main business characteristics

Date of Incorporation8 August 2006
Sector activityInvestment Holding, Advisory (Telecoms, Finance)
Business licencesBusiness Registration Certificate; Certificate of Hong Kong Service Supplier
Registered capitalEUR 134,649,445.42
DirectorsOndrej Frydrych, Pavel Rozehnal, Patrick Sauveur Sciarrone, Abraxas Limited
ShareholdersHome Credit N.V. (100%)

EUR 139 million

Amount of capital invested through subsidiaries
into mainland China

Portfolio: Xinchi and subsidiaries

Favour Ocean's main portfolio company is Shenzhen Home Credit Xinchi Consulting Co., Ltd. ("Xinchi")


Shenzhen Home Credit Xinchi Consulting Co., Ltd. 

The company operates customer care centres, performs security tasks (POS security checks, potential fraud investigations) and assists with mystery shopping, all in relation to operations of Home Credit Consumer Finance Co., Ltd (China)


Customer care centers operated by Xinchi

A total of four customer care centers are located in mainland China.

Operational Highlights of Subsidiaries

Xinchi's operations feature:



Number of staff working in customer care centers


Calls per day

Made or answered by staff working in customer care centers


Square kilometers

Total floor area of customer care centers

Licensing and certification of Xinchi

In order to provide a more standard and sustainable Service to our customers, Xinchi was granted a Nationwide Call Center License (No.合字 B2-20190015) from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2019;

In addition, Xinchi has been granted short number (954081) for our call center services.

Details of Customer Care centers operated by Xinchi:

City Customer Care Center NameArea (sq. km)Number of agent seatsFunctions
TianjinLJZ Wellington22.52300Customer Care, Operations
ChangshaButterfly CCC20.14200Customer Care, Operations
WuhanHomecredit Building10.62000Customer Care, Operations
NanchongJialing Building2.4376Customer Care, Operations

Xinchi historical development

From greenfield start-up to major customer care center operator

18 January 2007: Xinchi founded

Xinchi is founded in Shenzen as Limited Liability Company (LLC), registered in the Shenzhen Market Supervision Administration Bureau. It is regulated by the Shenzhen Economy Trade and Information Commission (“SZ ETIC”) and Shenzhen Market Supervision Administration Bureau (“SZMSAB”)

2011: Xinchi launches first customer care center in Wuhan

Handling a wide range of services for Home Credit Consumer Finance Co., Ltd., including telesales, operations calls and collections calls, the Wuhan customer care center boasts 11 square kilometers of floor space and 1,500 seats, hosting 2,000 employees working in shifts to field 190,000 calls per day.

2017: Xinchi launches two new customer care centers in Tianjin and Changsha.

With five customer care centers in mainland China, the company provided consultation on commerce, enterprise management and economic information for individuals and enterprises; marketing; consumption management services; application management and maintenance; IT support, software development and data processing; and related support services.  

2019: Xinchi is granted both a Call Center License by MIIT in June and a short number in August

In June, a new customer care center in Nanchong, Sichuan province was opened, with 300 seats to support its telemarketing business.

Artificial Intelligence becomes fully operational in the company's main Call Center business areas. 

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Phone: +852 9856 5446

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